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The new standard of Chinese toy export enterprises recruit Europe
Published:2013-01-09 Source:High Toy Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City, industry

" This year the toy industry is not easy. " This is the 111st session of Canton Fair most Chinese toys enterprises.

Recently, Europe and the United States toy standard turns to raise the threshold, heavy metal content limiting tightening, making the toys enterprises export road " startling step by step ". After the March EU issued 2012/7/EC toy safety directive tightening cadmium limit content, the United States also through the new toy safety standards of ASTMF963-2011 ( 2011 American toy safety standards ), the act of 8 kinds of migration of elements limit has been with the EU standards, and will be forced to go into effect in June 12th. While the 2012/7/EC command will be in July 20, 2013 in the European Union implemented throughout the.

In addition to facing material cost rise, shrinking demand overseas, " be beset with troubles internally and externally " pressure, Chinese toys enterprises to seek a breakthrough in many standard suffering under. Two markets as China's toy exports the United States, the largest, the EU 's limits to the Chinese toy export pressure can be predicted.

The Canton Fair accepted the newspaper interviewed toy company called: "this line has become more and more difficult! " But there are also known, only the move, with the highest standards of production, in order to " get along well with " the standard in Europe and america. The personage inside course of study says, toy exports still did not end, industry or will usher in a new round of consolidation period.

Cost pressures to accelerate the industry consolidation

For many businesses, negative effect to raise toy testing standard is fatal. Ningbo Changsheng international trade limited company manager Cheung Kwok Keung pointed out, the new standard for the production process, raw materials, color printing, warning signs are increased, will increase the testing costs of products, export costs will be increased.

Intertek Testing Services Ltd. Shanghai toys Laboratory Manager Lin Zhengxia said, toy toy testing costs relatively higher production cost. In 2011 the United States toy safety standards for chemical testing more widely, testing fees also increased. Detection of an ordinary plush toys cost about 800 yuan ~1000 yuan, each component testing, including plastic parts ( such as eyes, nose ) firmness, stitching, plastic edge smoothness, length of rope, fire resistance, heavy metals, chemical mechanical, combustion performance of each project.

A small toy enterprises responsible person said: " the United States of America for toy standards to make higher demands on the seam, then sewing machine needle distance must be reduced, change the machine will lead to increased costs ". The responsible person also said, in this way, the early, middle, late to the inspection, each link to spend a sum of money, the product cost increase nearly 30%.