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The traditional toy companies reduced orders for Industry Transformation Road in He Fang
Published:2013-01-09 Source:High Toy Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City, industry

Affected by rising costs and the global economic slump, the toy industry in recent years already scene no longer, plus the tablet computer has become the most popular with the children 's holiday gift, let the plush toys, electric train and other traditional toy production enterprises in the winter is particularly cold. Due to fierce offensive could not resist the tablet computer, part of the domestic toy business orders declined more than 50 percent, and in fact, European and American toy giant also hit the market by electronic products to seize the embarrassment in the face of adversity, toys enterprises have set foot on the transformation of salvation.

Toy companies reduced orders

According to the foreign trade investigation, from the beginning of 2012, even 3 years old children will also receive a tablet computer as a gift. This tendency to toy manufacturers face the fate of being eliminated.

As "the world's toy factory ", many enterprises in China are big sigh over the Christmas and New Year dinner down orders. A company with nearly 20 years experience in toy production, export enterprise executives told reporters, every Christmas, new year's order quantity is key to business is good or bad, however open in recent years order records, see is a declining slash.

Plush toys and holiday gift Dongguan Zhen Tai toy product factory director Jie industry also said frankly, by the impact of digital electronic products, orders the company overall in 2012 has dropped by 70%, staff 80 people from the previous reduced to the present 20 people. At the same time, between the staff wages, the rising cost of raw materials, peer competition and lower profits will seriously affect the development of the traditional toy enterprises.