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To prevent the destruction of the building and development

        Environmental protection are the various actions taken by humans to solve real or potential environmental problems, and to coordinate the relationship between humans and the environment to ensure sustained economic and social development of the general. The methods and means of engineering technology, administration, legal, economic, publicity and education.

1) prevention and control of environmental pollution caused by the production and living activities, including the prevention and control of industrial production emissions waste, dust, radioactive substances, as well as generate noise, vibration, odor and electromagnetic microwave radiation harmful gases produced by transportation activities, wastewater, pollution caused by noise, pollutants discharged by the maritime shipping, industrial and agricultural production and people's lives using toxic and hazardous chemicals, urban domestic emissions of soot, sewage and garbage;

2) to prevent the environmental damage caused by the construction and development activities, including the prevention of pollution and destruction caused by the large-scale water conservancy projects, railways, highways, large port terminals, airports and large industrial projects and other projects on the environment, agriculture, and reclaiming land from lakes damage to the environment and the impact of the activities, offshore oil field, the development of the coastal zone and wetlands, forest and mineral resources development, new industrial areas, new towns set and building destruction, pollution and the impact on the environment;

3) to protect the special value of the natural environment, including rare species and their living environment, special natural history relics, geological phenomena, landscapes, etc. to provide effective protection.

In addition, urban and rural planning, control soil erosion and desertification, afforestation, control population growth and distribution, the rational allocation of productivity, also belong to the contents of the environmental protection. Environmental protection has become a joint action and one of the main tasks of governments around the world today and people. China put the Environmental Protection announced a basic state policy of China, and the development and promulgation of a series of environmental laws, regulations, to ensure the implementation of the basic national policy.