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The domestic toy aftermarket : infinite opportunities promising
Published:2013-01-09 Source:High Toy Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City, industry

Recently, the reporter understands, the toy repair domestic market has little climate trend, the key factor is demand for the toy repair began to increase, which further promote the rapid popularization and development of the industry.

" Now the toy is a superb collection of beautiful things, for consumers to choose the category with the product is more and more rich and colorful. " The personage inside course of study thinks, today the domestic toy market can be used to repair " opportunities " and " have a brilliant future " way to describe it is very appropriate, in today's view, and its development trend in the foreseeable.

Toys, children love, these a few years of adult consumers are beginning to crush up. From the remote control toys, model toys, and then to the traditional folk toys; from the educational toys more and more intelligent, very has the entertainment effect of pure entertainment toys etc.. Every kind of, let a person see hualeyan also work with, the more worrisome is damaged, home, old toys more heap more, processing up quite tricky.

It is understood, repair or toys domestic market, toy rental market domestic or, in five years ago can be said is not popular, when the industry to discuss the reasons of its return to the system is not perfect. Now, the domestic toy repair this industry has been a qualitative leap in the system above it, which is why this market to why today have the popularity of.

" Toy prices are increasingly upward, and most of the toys once damaged must choose to throw away or repair, before repair industry has not been developed, people can only love away. " City toy repair shop Master Liu said, more and more people started to live, because the opportunity is very big, can be done in addition to repair toys, toy rental with toy exchange is also very good project.

When the reporter visited the toy store, consumers have told reporters, in the city before the toy repair is not known yet, people always ask where to repair toys, now like this toy repair and hard to find, so now people don't ask around, hand like this trouble less, another also can find more surprises in this area, such as the toy rental.

It is engaged in the toy repair 4 years repair master, Changji toy hospital began making toys recycling business in urban residential area, behind began to do the repair service. "On the one hand is now people in toy consumption above appear sensible many, on the other hand also to be social education for children, many reasons, the toy repair market this piece of cake was expanded several times, can be said to have a brilliant future. " Liu master said.