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Toys: how treatment of old toys does not become a new trouble people
Published:2013-01-09 Source:High Toy Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City, industry

It is understood, as people consumption ability and more to the pursuit of high quality of life, especially for the children 's education spending, most people is to meet the needs for the purpose of children. In order to give children to buy toys, from the previous value to the present value of the children choose the price is not the most important, difference is big, let a person particularly deep impression.

Meanwhile, citizens Liu said, the children at home with great people are ready to leave, the new year's holiday home to clean up, the children can not play, do not want the old toys toys too much, here, there, is not the answer, this time must find a place to put.

" Last week, two adults are also discussed, one is the direct throw, two is when the waste disposed of, three is to stay home, the last one is sent to the next door neighbours. " Citizens Liu think, now everyone 's homes have a new toy, will like this old toys to send people is it right? Is not in conformity with the principle of gifts? After serious consideration, the old toys in one place, looking for opportunities to when dealing with waste away on the line.

The reporter visited the city some toy store, found that consumers generally do not value the toy prices, they pay more attention to the popularity of children. A toy model of 100 yuan, a set of building blocks toy hundreds of yuan, as long as the children's favorite, most parents are willing to pay the money.

Toy products bring forth the new through the old, the new toys, children also can't play the last month, the market also has a new toy products. Because of the demands of the people, so today's update frequency is high, this is also a good. " The market every kind of toy, also is the choice of more and more old toys. " The businessman says, consumer choice determines the fate of new toys and old toys.

In an interview with reporters, citizens Liu vividly with " old toys, new trouble " to describe these old toys tidy up mood. Understand the reporter visited, in fact, these old toys is not a new problem, any thing all can not get away from a "smart " word, packed with these old toys are no exception.

Netizen " best model " weapon, one can be carried out on the Internet to sell, now to search old toys, second-hand toys, webpage more dazzling, other have this obsession people can go in this direction to do a deal, can let the old toys, second-hand toys to find a new home again, and also can let people in need, buy new toy spending.

" The sale of these old toys, second-hand toys on the Internet, it looks really good. For some families to support a new here, take these old toys, second-hand toys make only superficial changes, as home furnishings and home furnishing decoration with. " Another netizen said, some may throw or when the old toys, second-hand toys for waste disposal, actually can reject the use of time, can also beautify the home, very good yo.