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Industry high-energy contrarian rapid development of
Published:2013-01-09 Source:High Toy Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City, industry

the high toy of

Dongguan City Industry Co., Ltd., is a production and sales combined to operate independently of the factory covers an area of 5300 square meters, garden plants. Transport hub is located in Dongguan City Changping Town, often the tiger high speed Changping Station exports left the line of 1200 meters around the city fast routes are 3KM from the Dongguan Railway Station and Dongguan Railway Station, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, the location is excellent.

high industry is one of the largest manufacturers of domestic foam type products, with PU shop, printing shop, grinding shop, pressing workshop, cold workshop, stamping workshop, packaging workshop, mold workshop. Well-equipped (such as cold press and pressure has a large table of 1500 * 1000 150T pressing machine), large production capacity (such as foam ball 100K tablets per day).